Custom Bumper Build

Here is a few shots of the bumper I am building for my TJ. It’s too late to finish it up tonight so I will add a winch mount and post a few more pictures again soon.

It’s a stubby style, only 3″ wider on each side of the frame at the front, then it slopes back at a 45 degree angle.. I’ll be adding a winch mount, stinger, and grill hoop as well. Let me know what you think!

The large 1″ thick clevis mounts go through the entire bumper, and bolt directly to the frame. The formed pieces are then fitted into the gap between the clevis tabs, and tacked in for welding. I will do all the fitting/forming at work, and either weld it myself or get a buddy at work to weld it.

The clevis tabs are 1″ thick, 5″ high. The main bumper material is 3/16ths, and the winch plate will be integrated right in. That way you cannot remove the winch without taking the entire bumper off (to ward off thieves). The front of the winch plate (to hold the fairlead) will be 3/16ths.

bumper1   bumper2


Here is my second bumper design.