Custom Bumper Build 2

Well, I started over. It looked great in my head but I didn’t like the final outcome, and it was going to prove more difficult to mount than I had planned (I think). My original drawings are here.

I started off with a more conventional idea.. a formed front with a flat top. At just under 39″ wide, it’s a (very) stubby bumper. I will be going the tube fender route on my rig, so there is no need to have fender protection to get in the way when climbing a steep obstacle. I also took the time to draw in the winch plate and tubing for it. I’ve got the stock mounting locations drawn in as well, so it will be easy to get them CNC plasma cut (if I decide to go that route).

A few changes need to be made when I actually fabricate the bumper. I want to make sure the stinger is an inch or two higher than the grill hoop. I need to make sure it fits properly with a 1.25″ body lift. And lastly, I need to make sure the bumper has the sides cut out enough to work with a Currie Anti-Rock sway bar system.

One thing I’m uncertain about is my KC driving lights.. I love them to death and don’t want to get rid of them, yet I won’t have room on the bumper for lights any more. I was thinking of going with a fairlead mount to have them both in the middle of the stinger. I saw a good one over at AtoZ fabrication.. It’s cheap too although for the effort required to get one shipped etc, I would just make one I think. their mount can be seen here.

So on with the new drawings! (click them to see full versions)

bumper2_1   bumper2_2


bumper2_3   bumper2_4

In this last one I was toying with the idea of an inset winch mount.


Here is the final bumper fabrication.