Centering Your Steering Wheel


Any time you install a lift you will need to set your toe in. Once that is done, you will likely need to recenter your steering wheel. It’s a very simple process, but you will want to have a friend help you as it makes things much simpler and faster.


  • 13mm ratchet
  • 13mm wrench
  • Pipe wrench (large is better. 18+” is good)
  • A friend


  • n/a


  • > 30 minutes


1: Park your Jeep TJ with the tires as straight as you can. Your steering box is connected to the drag link via the pitman arm. We’re going to be adjusting the length of the drag link in this write-up. Locate the adjuster sleeve on the drag link and loosen the bolts that hold the clamps together. You do not need to remove them.


2: Have a friend take a seat in the jeep and relax. He/She won’t be workin’ very hard for this. Grab your pipe wrench and turn the adjuster sleeve until the steering wheel is as straight as you can. Once that is done you will need to tighten the bolts on the sleeve clamps back up and take a test drive. If you notice it’s still a bit off while driving, try again.


That’s it.. pretty simple huh? As I said it may take a couple tries to get it feeling right. Remember you will need to perform this task every time you adjust your jeeps height (up or down) and whenever you set your toe-in. The article for setting your toe-in can be found here.